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All Smiles for Groundhog Day


Our fingers are crossed for a no-shadow Groundhog Day! Here are a few recipes to get us in the spring mindset: 

spring charcuterie-9

Sweet Spring Charcuterie Board

Kick off the spring season with a festive and flavorful charcuterie board. Remember, charcuterie boards are meant to be imperfect, delicious, full of variety and FUN. 

Matcha and Berry Smoothie Bowls

Matcha & Berry Smoothie Bowls

Take your traditional smoothie to the next level with this colorful creation. Packed with all four fresh, high quality California Giant berries - strawberries, blueberries, blackberries & raspberries - this smoothie bowl just can't be beat! 

DIY starbucks berry refresher-4 (2)

DIY Berry Refresher

Spring is the season for decluttering our lives. So, after cleaning out those closets reward yourself with a light, delicious California Giant berry refresher! Made with fresh berries, ginger and Hibiscus tea, this is sure to become your new favorite drink! 

What are some of your favorite spring activities? Comment below! 

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