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Audra’s Berry Story


Meet Audra! Audra is one of three generations to work on her family farm – Hinton Farms, based in Dover, Florida.


Audra is the daughter of the Hinton Farms growers – which is our largest producer of strawberries on the East Coast. Audra serves as not only the Director of Food Safety at Hinton Farms, but also as an Internal Food Safety Consultant for Cal Giant – representing our Southeast region, working primarily with blueberries and blackberries.


Audra began her career in the berry business as a child doing payroll cards and stickering flats, until she gained the experience to work in the shipping office. Aside from Audra’s love of berries (with her favorite being the strawberry!) she is also the mother of 2 sons, and says, “the best part about my job is being able to raise my sons on the farm and around the cooler, just like I was.”


Being able to work with growers to shine a light on their impressive growing operations through food safety is one of Audra’s favorite aspects of her 7-year food safety career. When she’s not working – she loves to enjoy strawberries straight from the field – or in her favorite family recipe: strawberry pizza!

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