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Oui Oui: We’re Celebrating Bastille Day!


Who says that Americans have all the fun in July? We don't! The National Day of France is also celebrated in the month of July. Bastille Day - July 14th - is the day that the French people unified and stormed the Bastille (a fortress in Paris) during the French Revolution of 1790. It's also known nationally as Fête de la Fédération "The National Celebration") in France. 

Moms, this is a great chance to keep the red, white and blue theme going strong and use up those 4th of July decorations! Here's how I'm celebrating Bastille Day the French way:

Strawberry Creamsicles

cg creamsciles-19

Champagne is more than just a region in France - it also makes a perfect popsicle soaker! Creamy, ice-cold strawberry creamsicles in champagne flutes makes for a simple, bubbly dessert item that's sure to liven up any party. Pro tip: If you're not the biggest champagne fan, swap it out for rose.

Berry Bruschetta with Honey Yogurt Spread

berry bruscheta-7

Let your berries be the decorations! Red raspberries or strawberries paired with sweet blueberries on top of toasted baguette slices make the ideal appetizer or afternoon snack for your guests to enjoy. For a more French take, go to the nice section of the grocery store and get some Brie cheese - its nutty and creamy taste is going to make it a crowd favorite!

Mini Angel Food Cakes with Blackberry Whipped Cream 

angel food cake-10The French are always known for their bite-sized pastries (petit-fours, anyone?) and this recipe is no different. Since the Marquis de Lafayette became America's angel and helped us win the American Revolution, I celebrate him with these Mini Angel Food Cakes. Blackberry whipped cream is just the "berry" on top of this sweet treat.

Blackberry Crêpe with Whipped Cream and Candied Pecans

blackberry crepes-1

Crêpes are the quintessential French recipe. They're light, fluffy, and can be filled with anything - especially berries! Baking these can be a little tricky, but after a (tasty) test run it'll get easier. Top with your favorite berries or nuts for a crunchy twist!

How are you celebrating Bastille Day? Tell us in the comments below!

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