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Staying Hydrated with Berries



The return of warm weather is finally upon us! While we love that our favorite berries are now in the peak freshness and that our calendars are starting to fill up with exciting summertime activities, it's important to remember that as temperatures rise, so does the importance of staying hydrated. Being outdoors in the summer heat can take a lot out of you and being properly hydrated is more important than ever!

Thankfully, berries come to the rescue! With their juicy texture, berries are not only scrumptious, but hydrating. Along with drinking plenty of water, any type of fresh berry makes a perfect snack option to keep you feeling your best throughout the increasingly hot days of summer. You can even try infusing your water with fresh berries for a refreshing new drink (or check out some thirst-quenching recipes here).

Berries provide additional health benefits like boosting your metabolism and immune system--another great reason to snack on them when you're active!

So this summer we hope you stay cool and hydrated, taking our berries along to help you in all of your upcoming summer adventures!

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