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4 Ways to Take Advantage of Berry Season



Summer is peak season for berries! And with just under half of summer left, it’s high-time to make the most of these delicious, colorful fruits. We’ve put together four tips to help you be able to enjoy your summer berries all year round.

Bulk it Up

Since berries are in season you’ll be seeing them priced very economically at your local retailers. Summer is the time to buy in bulk and have lots of berries on hand.

Freeze Em’

Once you’ve bought your berries in bulk you can preserve them by freezing them. There are several methods for freezing berries—we recommend freezing whole. Frozen, whole berries are great for smoothies and won't water them down. And remember not to thaw them! Your frozen berries can also function as berry-ice cubes that will chill your favorite summer beverages like tea and lemonade. Blueberries, for instance, are the perfect berry for freezing and using later. Be sure to stock up on them this summer so that you can enjoy your blueberries in ice cream, ice cubes, or to enhance the taste of water!

Get Jammin’

Turn your summer berries into homemade jam! Combining your berries with other jam ingredients is an inexpensive way to preserve strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. This way you’ll be able to enjoy the sweet goodness of summer berries all year long.

Dehydrate Those Berries

By using a dehydrator or even your home oven on a very low temperature you can increase the shelf life of your summer berries! Your dehydrated whole berries can be eaten easily as snacks! Or you can get creative and add them to granola, oatmeal, and yogurt.

So you see, seasonal fruit can easily be enjoyed all year long!

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