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Boring Salads Be Gone!


When I was growing up, salads consisted of lettuce, meat, cheese and dressing. That's it. But over the last few years, color variation has emerged as one of the biggest food trends. Not only does color variety create Insta-worthy photos, it also adds multiple levels of flavor and texture to the once boring salad bowl.

Light green cucumbers, bright red California Giant strawberries along with your grain of choice creates a fresh, hearty salad chock full of vitamins and nutrients your body needs!

Wheat Berry Salad 1

Our juicy, sweet berries are a perfect compliment to the pecans and goat cheese this recipe calls for! No worries about germs that are certainly on typical salad dressing packets... this easy homemade vinaigrette will convince you to say "yes!" to your own creation.

Berry Salad

Kale, cucumber and artichokes, oh my! These are just a few of the tasty greens that make the base of this scrumptious salad. Don't stick to just one lettuce variety, add any of your favorite greens for added texture and nutrition. That way your salad isn't a cookie-cutter restaurant version, it's YOUR version.

For the full recipe, click here.

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