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Celebrate National Blueberry Month with These Recipes!


Summer is the blues’ time to shine, especially with July being National Blueberry Month! This month, get your boost of blue with our collection of 15 Fresh Blueberry Recipes that are bursting with summer flavor.


salad with grilled corn, blueberries, and goat cheese

Grilled Corn & Berry Salad with Fresh Herb Dressing  

Blueberries and corn create the perfect combination of flavors within this fresh salad with herb dressing! Goat cheese adds tangy, earthy flavors to balance out the sweetness of fresh blueberries and sweet corn. 

a closeup of a grilled cheese sandwich with blueberries and arugula

Blueberry Grilled Cheese Picnic Packets 

Balsamic marinated blueberries help take this handheld lunch to the next level in these Blueberry Grilled Cheese Picnic Packets. Bring these along to your next day in the sun for a unique and easy picnic sandwich. 

tostada with shrimp, blueberries, and jalapeno's with a slice of lemon

Blueberry & Shrimp Cerviche  

Another delicious way to get your boost of blue! Blueberries brighten up this ceviche recipe by adding bursts of sweet blueberry flavor that complements the hints of lemon and cilantro. 


a plate with rice and chicken tikka masala laid on top with blueberries

Blueberry Tikka Masala 

Blueberries add a new bright dynamic to this chicken tikka masala recipe. Notes of ginger, garlic and coconut milk help to contrast the berry flavor in the masala. 


oatmeal and blueberry bars that are crumbly

Blueberry Crumble Breakfast Bars 

These Blueberry Crumble Breakfast Bars make for a nutritious and delicious breakfast. You can also use them as a convenient grab-and-go snack.  


Corn cake on a plate topped with a habanero salsa made out of berries

Blueberry Mole Chicken with Berry Habanero Salsa & Masa Corn Cake  

Blueberries and the masa corn cake balance out the heat from the habanero salsa in this unique mole chicken recipe. 

a bowl packed with blueberries, avocado, chicken, garbanzo beans, and pumpkin seeds

Berry Nourish Bowl  

Blueberries bring additional nutrition and color to this already superfood packed Berry Nourish Bowl. Chickpeas and chicken pack this recipe with protein and pumpkin seeds add in some healthy fats. 


a bowl with chopsticks inside of thai noodles with blueberries, shredded carrots, peanuts, and mushrooms

Thai Noodles with Blueberries & Peanuts 

Blueberries add antioxidants and bursts of flavor to this Thai Noodles with Blueberries & Peanuts recipe. Peanuts add an element of texture this Thai-inspired noodle dish filled with shredded carrots, Udon noodles and mushrooms. 

a mix of green beans, shiitake mushrooms, pecans, and blueberries in a cast iron skillet

Shiitake & Blueberry Green Beans  

Bursts of blueberry flavor help turn green beans into an intricate and tasty side dish. Flavors of Dijon, pecans, red wine vinegar and shiitake mushrooms work alongside the blueberries to complete this dish. 

shaved brussels sprouts with berries in a wooden bowl

Brussels & Berries  

Shaved brussels sprouts give this salad a crunchy texture and berries add a bright contrast to the green base of brussels. Hazelnuts and a yogurt vinaigrette add some healthy fats to this recipe. 


mixed faro berry salad with pieces of halloumi cheese

Mixed Berry Salad with Grilled Halloumi Cheese  

Farro, halloumi, and nuts make this mixed berry salad a hearty meal. Garlic and herbs deepen the flavor complex even more in the vinaigrette dressing. 

You can view the recipe here from Brand Ambassador Marie Reginato. 


a slice of bread with goat cheese spread on topped with blueberries, hazelnuts, and mint leaves on a plate.

Oven Roasted Blueberries & Honeyed Hazelnut Clusters Over Goat Cheese Toast 

Don’t show up empty handed! Bring these handheld blueberry and goat cheese toast bites to your next dinner party. 
 a salad with pieces of blueberry muffin croutons in a wooden bowl

Almond & Blueberry Salad with Blueberry Muffin Croutons  

A berry and lemon filled salad! Use blueberries alone and in the blueberry muffin croutons in this salad. 

 a carrot cupcake with blueberries around it

Carrot-Blueberry Cupcakes with Orange Zest Cream Cheese 

The pops of blueberry in each bite of these cupcakes put a spin on your classic carrot cake!


a flatbread with burrata cheese spread on top with berries and arugula on a wooden board

This Burrata, Caramelized Onion, Mixed Berry Grilled Flatbread makes for a light and refreshing meal. Serve as a shareable, or on naan bread for individual portions.

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