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Recipes to Get the Kids Cafeteria Ready



Happy back to school season! It's one of my favorite times of year because I get to enjoy an annual tradition of taking my granddaughter clothes and school supply shopping for the new school year. 

I remember when my own kids were younger, they always wanted to bring something to their teacher on the first day of school along with those sparkling new binders, pencil boxes and book covers. Traditionally, apples were the gift to give your teacher, most likely due to the seasonality of apples that used to signify fall and the harvest season. How different it all is today since seasons have blended and our fresh fruits and vegetables are available year-round. Now teachers can receive all kinds of fresh gifts on that celebrated first day of school!

The fun part about bringing edible school supplies to their teacher is creating something with my kids together in the kitchen. I try to make these on a Sunday evening after the first couple of weeks of school, that way it'll take their mind off the stress of going back to school (even for just a few minutes).


Even if they're not as excited about jumping back on the school bus, these fun recipes can be made together that the kids can enjoy and share with their teacher. One of my favorites is this homemade blueberry poptart recipe. Who doesn’t love a good pop tart?? 

After pens, pencils and notebooks, school supplies also include the perfect lunch box. My grandchildren are so lucky today! The only options I had growing up was a thermos or lunchbox. Today, there are some awesome bento boxes out there and insulated lunch containers that really allow for creativity when making school lunch. These also ensure your kids don’t end up with a bunch of crushed food at the bottom of a bag after being stuffed in a backpack.

salad jar 600

Bento boxes are perfect for creating fun food the kids will actually eat and enjoy, like this taco mason jar recipe. These are super easy to make at home over the weekend and keep in the refrigerator for easy packing when ready. Another other recipe they will be sure to eat are these homemade all natural berry gummies, which are the perfect back to school supply that kids and teachers alike will enjoy. Trust me, no lunch trading will happen with these recipes! 

How are you getting your kids ready for school? Let's compare lunchbox stories in the comments below!

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