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Cal Giant College: Recipes That Will Get You Ready for the Fall Semester


CG-College_emailHeader-1Break out the dining hall cards, laptops and parking passes - college is back in session! Whether you're going back to college yourself or know someone who is, Cal Giant College is the perfect resource for all things food. From a burst of flavor on your breakfast plate to late-night group meetings, Cal Giant College has you covered for anything that college life throws your way!

No matter which kind of student you are, each student lifestyle has ample opportunities to make your college transition sweet. Which one are you? Tell us below for a chance to WIN our Cal Giant College Sweepstakes!

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Keep scrolling for recipe inspiration that gets an A+ on your report card...

Scarlet Strawberry: The Social Butterfly

Berry Bruschetta with Honey Yogurt Spread

CG_College_Strawberry berry bruscheta-14-2

No hostess should leave guests empty handed! Toss a carton or two of our Cal Giant berries in your fridge and keep handy for those last minute dorm room study sessions or group project meetings. Have a movie night this weekend with this Berry Bruschetta with Honey Yogurt Spread recipe - it's dorm-sized yet packed with flavor!

Watson Blackberry: Future CEO

Butter Me Up Smoothie

CG_College_Blackberry Butter Me Up Smoothie 250 x 250

Any Future CEO knows that time is precious, that's why this Butter Me Up smoothie is perfect for those breaks in between library study sessions and classes! With 5 ingredients and less than 5 minutes to make, talk about your return on investment...

Rosie Raspberry: Creative Genius

Matcha & Berry Smoothie Bowls

CG_College_Raspberry Matcha and Berry Smoothie Bowls

Who says that creativity is limited to class projects? We don't! Check out this Matcha & Berry Smoothie Bowl recipe for the chance to make your food as creative as your mind. Get creative with your toppings: coconut shavings, nuts, more berries, the only limit is your imagination!

B.C. Blueberry: The Athlete

Grab-N-Go Breakfast Wrap

CG_College_Blueberry-1 grab n go600

When you're an athlete, getting a good source of nutrients and protein is everything for keeping up your best endurance! Make sure you're getting a good breakfast and protein start to the day with our Grab-N-Go Breakfast Wrap recipe. Just toss your ingredients in a tortilla, wrap in foil and place in the fridge overnight for a perfect 8 AM class breakfast!

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