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Cindy's Holiday Traditions


Like many of you, we have traditions each year during the holidays.  For some it might be your favorite decorations or tree ornaments, or singing Christmas Carols, but for our family it’s a specific cookie.

When my brother, Tim, and I were kids we went to an after school program and right before the holidays a friend of my brother had some cookies he had brought for afternoon snack.  He was very sweet and shared one with Tim who was so excited to get this cookie since he had an incredible sweet tooth.  After taking one bite, he saved the rest of it and put it in his coat pocket.  When we got home later that afternoon he handed the crumbling piece of cookie to my  Grandma and said “Grandma this is my new favorite cookie, will you please make these for Christmas?” 

Cindy's Holiday Cookie TraditionWell, as you know, it’s not exactly easy to create a cookie from just looking at a cookie, especially without the internet.  Somehow, my Grandma was able to figure out exactly where that cookie came from based on the good old-fashioned land line telephone and made those cookies for our family that year on Christmas Eve as a surprise for Tim and we have been eating them ever since. 

Each year my kids and grand kids (and especially my brother, Tim) look forward to me making those cookies at Christmas that are now forever a key component of our family cookbook.  We only make these cookies during the holidays which keeps them forever special and anticipated. We are always excited to share the famous cookie story when friends or family try them for the first time. They are simply called our ‘jam center cookies’ and they only get made with our homemade berry jam dropped in the middle of this cookie rolled in nuts.  Yes, we make our own jam too.  We make jam all summer long in my house sharing with the kids for their PB & J sandwiches for school lunch, but always save some of the jam for the holidays to give jars to neighbors and for our holiday jam center cookies.

Traditions are easily created and loved by those that share them.  Even if you don’t have a long-standing family tradition, you can create a new tradition with your family and friends this year.  It’s never too late to make new memories as your treasure those around you during the holiday season giving thanks for all we have in life.

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