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Create Sweet Moments to Brighten Busy Weekdays


Lori Spencer and Irene 8

If you’re like me and you love what you do, and you love who you’re doing it for, it’s easy to put in a full day of work. But then there’s fighting daily traffic, picking up the kids, cooking dinner, helping with homework, getting everyone ready for bed, and then waking up to repeat the cycle again! Weekday schedules are hectic and it’s 100% necessary to have a few go-to things throughout the day that just make you smile.



My morning cup of coffee and time with my husband makes me smile every day! Getting up 20 minutes earlier than I need to in the morning is so worth it, because my husband and I get a few undisturbed minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee before waking up our daughter. We both work long hours so it's nice to have a moment of peace together while we prepare for our busy days.


Another thing that makes me smile every day is waking my Piper up to the smell of blueberry pancakes or strawberry oatmeal. She’s normally pretty grumpy in the mornings, but she always walks in with a huge smile on her face whenever she smells one of her favorite morning treats.

golden oatmeal with berries-9

The last thing that makes me smile every day is coming home to my sweet little family to enjoy a delicious meal together. This Mixed Berry Pecan Chicken Salad by our friend Kelsey is a go-to meal we cook multiple times throughout the week because it's super easy to make. Plus, Piper loves to serve her dad and I so we let her pile as much chicken salad as she wants into freshly washed lettuce leaves.

mixed-berry-pecan-chicken-salad-3It can be hard to stop and take a moment to smile during a hectic day, but finding a few sweet moments makes even the busiest days accomplishable! How do you manage hectic weekdays? Do you also enjoy a morning cup of coffee with that special someone, or do you treat yourself to a plateful of blueberry chocolate cookies? Let us know in the comment section below!

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