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Easy Holiday Workout


With the holidays fast approaching, our calendar is starting to fill up with parties every weekend—meaning our weekends will consist of eating and drinking A LOT. We’re talking baked goods and savory dishes, wines and cocktails...not exactly the healthiest of choices. And in between chowing down on everything in sight we're holiday shopping, wrapping presents, and getting the house party-ready. All of this leads to one very big oversight: our exercise routine! Here is a simple, total body workout (targeting your legs, butt, shoulders and arms) that takes less than ten minutes to complete and can burn upwards of 200 calories. So simple, in fact, that I often do it with a coworker right before lunch. All you need is a jump rope (and a yoga mat if you are outside)!

jump2_edot Set a timer for ten minutes and complete:

-50 jump rope (single or double unders)
-50 sit ups
-40 jump rope
-40 sit ups
-30 jump rope
-30 sit ups
-20 jump rope
-20 sit ups
-10 jump rope
-10 sit ups



If you finish the cycle and haven't hit the ten minute mark yet, start over and repeat. This simple workout will get your heart racing and blood pumping! And since it can burn up to 200 calories, you can have that extra helping of mashed potatoes—and it eat, too. 

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