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Happy Father's Day Weekend


Marie Reginato, a cooking video host, blogger, food photographer, and author shares one of her favorite father-daughter recipes with us. Read more and watch the video below as Marie shares her experience crafting this fantastic recipe with her father. 

Happy Father’s Day weekend everyone! And man do I have a fun recipe and video for you today! Because my dad is actually here in the kitchen cooking with us! He is a master butcher (for over 30 years!), and is here to show us how to cook the most tender salmon ever.

And I’m here to teach him how to create a delicious and simple blueberry-blackberry glaze sauce that goes perfectly atop the salmon! I love that we’re using our favorite California Giant Berries in this recipe and showcasing how you can absolutely use blackberries and blueberries in savory recipes - they actually balance out the savory element by providing a touch of sweetness, and in this case, also a touch of tang.

Click the image to check out the YouTube video or watch it here

Tender Roasted Salmon with Silky Blueberry Glaze

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It’s a dreamy little number. I hope you guys love this recipe and happy Father’s Day! 

P.S. You can still make this recipe anytime you like, even after Father’s Day ;)

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