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How To Use Berries On The Grill


Grab a cold drink and fire up the grill! Fresh berries from California Giant Berry Farms are a versatile and bright, delicious addition to grilled summer favorites. Berries have a natural sweetness that helps balance robust flavors to create a well-rounded experience with every bite.

We’ve gathered four of our favorite berry recipes, so let’s get grillin’!

Summer BBQ Hot Dog with Blueberry & Corn Salsa

When hosting a backyard BBQ this summer, take the classic hot dog to the next level with Blueberry and Corn Salsa. Fresh blueberries, avocado, and charred corn add a pop of color and layers of irresistible flavor that will wow your crowd.

summer bbq hot dogPro Tip: For another pop of color, as the last step, gently fold fresh raspberries into the salsa.

BBQ Shrimp Tacos with Strawberry Salsa

Cool down with fresh Strawberry Salsa layered over grilled BBQ shrimp and wrapped in warm corn tortillas. This unique take on salsa delivers a sweet heat with ripe strawberries, tomatoes, jalapeno, and corn. Garnish your shrimp tacos with cotija cheese, cabbage, cilantro, or jalapenos for extra spice and tangy flavors!


Tip: Turn these tacos into a tasty salad by swapping tortillas for lettuce.

Grilled Ribeye with Blackberry Red Wine Reduction

The next steak night HAS to include this delicious berry recipe! The sweet and tangy blackberry red wine reduction is simple to make and complements steak’s natural savory flavors... Complete your meal with a generous spoonful of mashed potatoes and sauteed asparagus.grilledribeye3-1

Tip: Use a cast iron pan for maximum flavor, and don’t wash it out after grilling the steaks! The leftover bits of fat from the steak infuse the blackberry wine reduction and make it even more flavorful! 

Grilled Pound Cake with Macerated Berries & Whipped Cream

For a taste of summer, grill slices of pound cake! When grilled, the sugars in pound cake caramelize, which completely transforms the flavor. The richness of the cake pairs perfectly with the natural sweetness of the berries.

grilled pound cake-8-932774-editedTip: Don’t forget to properly grease your grill or grill pan to ensure the pound cake won’t stick and none of the caramelized goodness gets left behind.


Which grilled berry recipe will you try first? Let us know down below.


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