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Ice Cream Dream Recipes


I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love ice cream. In fact, when talking about ice cream, there's always the ongoing debate about favorite flavors and brands. We all have our favorite flavor, but then the deeper conversation is, but what brand of ice cream is best? Just as microbreweries, today we have local boutique ice cream shops in our area with some phenomenal flavor pairings.

Looking back, one of our favorite summer traditions was making homemade ice cream. All the kids took turns cranking the handle of the old-fashioned ice cream makers as we watched the cream and different combinations of fresh fruit spinning in circles slowly getting thicker with the ice and rock salt surrounding the container. It almost seemed like making the ice cream was more fun than eating it because it was something we all worked on and created together.

There are so many traditions we all have and remember as children that we carry with us throughout our life, and ice cream is one of those traditions.  Even if you never made your own, I am sure there was an ice cream truck or local ice cream parlor in your past that brings back those memories.   Popsicles are another one of those ‘favorite flavor’ type foods that each of us have. This delicious combination of berries and watermelon we made recently has become one of my favorite summer popsicle flavors and so easy to put together.


Although, I have to say my favorite flavor and brand growing up was always raspberry sorbet from Baskin Robbins. At California Giant, we love to create our own flavor using our own brand!  Thankfully, we have a yummy tricolored sorbet combination that satisfies my cravings and I can make it at home. We also have this super easy version of America’s favorite flavor that doesn’t even require an ice cream maker. This strawberry ice cream is seriously one of the easiest recipes anyone can make that creates a cool and delicious treat that will quickly become everyone’s favorite. 


My last summer recipe favorite is one that really helps when I am feeding a crowd (which is quite often). I can make it in advance and pull it out of the freezer when ready to serve dessert without having to go back into the kitchen and create yet another course after dinner. This blueberry ice box cake is a perfect summer dessert to cool everyone down in the evening after a long hot summer day.  It looks and tastes like it was hard to make but with just 4 ingredients you can quickly throw it together and throw it in the freezer for a few hours and cross one thing off your to-do list.   

zzzzcake 600x400

Even though Summer is almost over, and we are already seeing back to school commercials on TV, we can still sit at the table together after a delicious meal, or sit by the pool on a sunny afternoon and enjoy that delicious favorite ice cream flavor. Even if we don’t agree on the flavor, most of us agree that ice cream is one of those foods that takes us back to our childhood, even if its just for a few minutes.

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