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Let's Plan a Winter Slumber Party!


It's still winter, and while some of us may be enduring relatively mild weather conditions for the month of February, some of us may also be freezing and frigid! But no need for despair, short days and frosty nights don't mean there has to be lack of FUN! 

Being a homebody myself, I love to crank up the heater, pop something delicious and decadent in the oven and opt for a simple night in with my favorite show. Days, or even nights inside don't have to be boring. In fact, there are so many ways to pass time during gloomy winter days, and I have JUST the tips for parents with little ones who are restless - plan a winter slumber party! Seriously, who doesn't want to be a kid again? Build a mini fortress in the living room, turn on a family movie and prep these classic Peanut Butter and Blackberry Jam Cookies to make the home smell of sweet and salty goodness.

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 8.53.14 PM

Another fun way to enjoy a night in is to create your very own DIY Strawberry Shortcake Sliders station. Kiddos love time spent in the kitchen, and feeling extra accomplished and creative when using their hands to make something yummy. Lay out the easy and sweet ingredients to make some family-favorite strawberry shortcakes that you can all enjoy by the fire. The only thing missing is some hot coco, or a big frosty glass of milk (because let's face it, all desserts taste better with a side of milk!) 

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 8.58.35 PM

Call me old fashion, but I love bringing a challenging puzzle to the slumber party. Not only does it entail some solid time and focus, but it's also a great activity to do as a family, or a group of friends while the adults snack on charcuterie bites, berries, and sip on Moscow Mules - because who said adults can't have fun at slumber parties too?!

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 8.59.06 PM

Whether you reached for the old, classic board games, a night of Pictionary or Scrabble, designed your very own cozy fort, or baked some sweet treats as a family - sometimes a slumber party, winter time or not, is just plain necessary and brings out the inner-child in all of us! The only way to make it better, you ask? Waking up the next morning with fluffy, overflowing Strawberries and Cream French Toast to fill up the bellies yet again. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 8.55.37 PM

So, do your own kids have slumber parties at the house? Heck, did you have them when you were younger? What were your favorite memories? Maybe it was the snacks, games and treats. Or the freedom to have a night in to be silly, creative and indulge with friends and family! I want to know it all! Share with me in the comments below how you would plan the ultimate slumber party!

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