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Make Everyone "Jelly" With These Jam Making 101 Hacks


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Come one come all if you're looking for the perfect gift for all of your summer jamborees! Well... we really should call them JAMBerries because jams and jellies are the PERFECT berry treats to give to your friends as party favors, housewarming gifts, brunch eats, and "just thinking of you" sweets. 

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Berries are in demand right now and you don't want to miss out on their juicy goodness. But what happens when you purchase all of the plump vibrant strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries?! You eat them of course! At Cal Giant we have a buy two save one method. The trick is you enjoy one container of fresh berries right away and then you turn the second container into jam for a warm weather pleasure. 

Not really sure how to make jams or jellies? We've got you covered with this jams and jellies 101 printable infographic! It's loaded with awesome jam making tips, and you have to scroll down to discover our top secret jam recipes and a way you can win a canning kit! 


Alright now... we don't share these recipes with just anyone but since you're avid berry fanatics too... we'll let you in on these top secret jam recipes. My personal favorite is blackberry vanilla jam with chia seeds. It's smooth, it's sweet and it's absolutely amazing on cinnamon swirl bagels and fresh biscuits straight out of the oven. You can even add apples to create your very own apple and blackberry jam - the options are truly limitless! 

If I'm in a festive mood or hosting a Hispanic brunch - this strawberry lime and chia seed jelly is delicious. I like to make traditional breakfast tacos with eggs, meat and cheese, but the crowd favorite is whole grain tortillas loaded with bananas, fresh berries, this homemade jam and a layer of whipped cream for a sweet summer burrito. 

IMG_9390-094686-editedDo you have a favorite jam or jelly that you like to make for family gatherings or special occasions? There are so many flavors you can make with jam and there are so many reasons to share them with your friends and family.

You're already loving on the special people in your life so why not share your favorite jam or jelly recipe here to enter for your chance to win a canning kit, 24 mason jars to store your jam or jelly, and chia seeds from Nutiva so you can make a NEW batch of your favorite spread. 

Join our JAMBerry and share which jam you're going to make next and be sure you comment below which top secret Cal Giant jam recipe you can't wait to try! 


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