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Make it at Home: Berry Bomb Fish Tacos


Some of us don't consider ourselves professional chefs, we just like watching cooking competitions on TV (and pretending that adding peas to macaroni and cheese makes it fancy). It's so hard to pull off the preparations and cooking techniques without a good grasp of what you're doing. That's why for the next couple weeks, I'm going to be sharing an at-home version of the 2019 California Giant Chef Invitational recipes with novice-friendly tips to get your tummies and creative juices flowing.

The first recipe featured from the 2019 Chef Invitational is Berry Bomb Fish Tacos. When I first read it, I thought "Handmade tortillas? Making your own beer batter? I'm out." But fear not, fellow novice chef. 

Here are my hacks for actually making this tasty, crispy dish at home:

fish tacos-17Remember those fish sticks in the freezer that are a mother's saving grace on a busy night? My kids love them, and so will you once you forego making your own beer battered fish. For the moms that prefer a healthier alternative, you can always peruse the fish section at the grocery store to find what works for you.

fish tacos-5I also bought pre-made tortillas - trust me, you don't want me making anything with flour. (RIP to my kids birthday cakes!) I did warm them in the microwave for easier molding, but you can also toast them lightly on a stove top depending on how crunchy your kids prefer them. 

fish tacos-15For assembly, I chopped up strawberries, blueberries, cabbage and avocados with a spoonful of salsa for a little kick. One squeeze of lime really helped all of the flavors come together without overwhelming the palette. Trust me, this is one easy weeknight recipe that the kids will ask for!

How are you making this at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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