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Make it at Home: Blueberry Mole Chicken


I'm going to be completely honest and tell you that when I read "Mole" I had no idea what it meant. Let me spare you the Google search and tell you that Mole (pronounced moh-lay) is actually a Mexican sauce!

Mole derives from the Aztec word molli, or "sauce." It's typically a thick, rich sauce that has been popularized in American culture to feature chocolate (although the traditional Mexican Mole has over 30 different combinations). This recipe in particular calls for a Mole sauce made with chocolate, spicy jabanero, chili's, spices and herbs to drizzle on top of chicken. 

Don't be scared at the thought of chocolate being on top of chicken - trust me, this is a delicacy that you and your kids will LOVE! Here are my tips and tricks for making this at home:

cg chef invitational-25Yes, the chicken doesn't look like chicken at the very end - but that's because we've got that spicy, sweet and salty mixture of the Mole sauce on top! I'm telling you, this sauce makes the entire dish. I like to think of this recipe as an all-in-one, meaning that you've got your sweet, spicy and salty fix with each small dish combined onto one plate. No one's leaving your table on an empty stomach with this dinner!

cg chef invitational-18Let's not forget these sweet, juicy berries. This berry salsa is the "berry" on top, if you will, that gives that eclectic Mexican flavor. With a squeeze of a lime and a tablespoon of honey, this isn't a salsa you can find at any restaurant! 

cg chef invitational-16Oh my goodness, the masa corn cakes... I definitely had to hide a few from the family for a late-night treat. Ssh! These are so simple and easy to make that the kids (or little sous chefs, as I call mine!) can get involved. 

How are you making this dish at home? Tell us in the comments below! 

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