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Minimalist Recipes for Spring


With Spring cleaning on the horizon (at least for my house), it's easy to see the need to simplify your meal plans as you simplify your closet choices. Though we can't help clean, we are sharing our food inspiration that's getting us motivated!

Here are a few minimalist recipes to get you started:

Fresh Berry Bruschetta


Berry, cheese, olive oil and bread - that's it! Don't let the small size fool you, these little "bread bombs" pack a flavor punch with each bite. 

Biscuits & Berries with Honey Butter

bicuits + berries-8-522596-edited

I won't deny that I've reached for the bread basket multiple times in one setting... Instead of putting jam on your biscuits, try using whole berries as a topping! Mixed with honey butter, this combo is sure to sweeten up a classic breakfast essential.

Strawberry & Toasted Coconut Sushi

fruit sushi-20-298879-edited

Don't worry, this is a sushi recipe that you can easily make at home. Our version of a "California Roll" includes rice, pecans, toasted coconut, honey, strawberries and mint leaves. What a sweet way to enjoy Asian-inspired recipes!

Fresh Herb Berry Cocktail

berries and bubbles-8-779222-editedWhenever I'm done cleaning out my closet, I just want to relax with a nice, refreshing drink (I've earned it!). Sweet berries and fresh herbs with a little bubbly combine to perfection in a glass (or two) on the table.

Happy Spring cleaning!

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