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Morgan's Summer Bucket List


Ah, summer. One of my favorite seasons. Sure, it’s not quite like it used to be when we were younger with long vacations and weeks of time off to do whatever we wanted (hello ‘adulting’!) BUT, it’s made me take full advantage of the sunshine I do have over the weekends, and pushed me to be strategic with how I spend my time. That said, there are a few must-do’s on my summer bucket list this season that I look forward to crossing off!


1. Visit more friends.

You know those friends you keep in touch with regularly even though they aren’t local? Weekly phone calls and catch up’s - but not a ton of time spent together IN-person? I have quite a few of those friends that I feel so lucky to have, but unfortunately, they live a few hours away so getting together with busy schedules can be difficult. This summer, I plan to make more visits to see my friends and enjoy the weekends together, even if it’s brief! If you’re fortunate enough to have close friendships that may not necessarily live close by, take the time to nurture them, and set aside weekends on the calendar every few months for quick girl’s getaways.


2. Get outside.

My boyfriend and I love outdoor activities – especially camping. When looking at the weekends ahead, we already set aside two camping trips to cross off the list. Our favorite – Yosemite National Park, and our local gem, Big Sur. There’s nothing like the longer summer days to explore the outdoors – hike, fish, swim, and setting up camp to cozy around the fire. To me, waking up to the sound of nature and a home-style breakfast over the grill is the perfect start to the day. If you’re looking for some outdoor recipe inspiration, visit our ‘Explore the Outdoors’ section of our site with tasty recipes for all those on-the-go summer moments!


3. Spend the day at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Anyone who knows about the Rose Bowl Flea Market knows it is the go-to spot for new home décor, rare finds and accessories. It takes place the 2nd Sunday of every month in the famous Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. It’s home to thousands of vendors with gifts and goods. I’d love to carve a weekend out to drive down there with my mom (my favorite shopping partner) and do a little damage!

raspberry greyhound-13

4. Host a house-warming gathering.

I recently moved into a new home and as soon as I finish decorating (perhaps with some new Rose Bowl finds) I’d love to host an intimate house-warming gathering with my friends and family. I love hosting, event planning, and decorating - and have a few cocktails and hors’ d’oeuvre ideas up my sleeve. I have been dying for an excuse to whip up a batch of our raspberry greyhound cocktails – can we talk about this gorgeous, bright pink summer hue? Our blackberry goat cheese crostini’s tie in perfectly and add a sweet and savory, crunchy combo. It’s safe to say I am excited!

What’s on your summer bucket list? A family vacation? Taking up a new hobby? Planning a weekend to visit some old friends? I’d love to hear all about it. Comment below or even pass along this post to a friend so they can start thinking about their summertime aspirations too!

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