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Our 2020 Sustainability Resolution



While most New Year's resolutions center around wellness or habits, we wanted to work on something with a bigger impact than ourselves: sustainability. Our 2020 resolution is to become TRUE Zero Waste certified! 

TRUE stands for Total Resource Use and Efficiency, and challenges the way that we think about recycling materials. That's why at Cal Giant we're committed to diverting all of our waste from landfills and recycling/reusing products to reduce our carbon footprint on the environment. Our corporate offices have also gone paperless for the past 2 years as part of a recycling program.

In January 2019, we partnered with Measure to Improve as part of a growing commitment to becoming a True Zero Waste Certified company, with an array of new sustainability initiatives set forth for the years to come.


Now that you’re helping us stay accountable to our resolutions, let us help you stay accountable!

Share your resolutions with us or on social media and let’s stick to it together!

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