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Pool Party Recipes That Make A Splash


In the sweltering hot sun, the pool is the place to be! Relaxing, swimming, playing, whatever the activity, we have some poolside treats that are absolutely perfect for your pool party. Here's a list of our coolest treats:

Radical Raspberry Lemonade

cg boozy lemonade-29

Can't you already feel the cool glass in your hand? There's nothing like a refreshing berry sweet drink to keep cool by the poolside. Add as many raspberries as you like to create your own version! Each sweet sip is guaranteed to make your time outside that much cooler..


Berry Bruschetta with Honey Yogurt Spread

berry bruscheta-14-2

Dive into these little berry delights one by one by one... Just be sure to leave some for everyone! Jump out of the pool and into these creamy, crunchy snacks. Mix and match all your favorite berries to make these berry snacks splash! (You can thank us later.)


Goodnight Berry Smoothie

smoothie 600x400

This is an overnight success that needs to make an appearance at your pool party! These ice cold smoothie pops are the perfect cool down treat after a day in the sun. Filled with berry-sweet goodness, it's a treat everyone can enjoy guilt-free.


What are your favorite poolside treats? Comment below and let us know!

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