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Try These Popular Summer Berry Flavor Combos


Cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, strawberries and cream - some pairings are irresistible and smile-inducing! Gather with friends, and enjoy these berry good pairings that are meant to be shared.

Berries and Cheese

A berry and cheese platter makes an ideal gathering point for hungry friends! Filled with sweet, juicy California Giant berries and blocks of classic salty cheeses, this cheese platter can be easily customized for groups of all sizes.

berry and cheese board

Pro Tip: Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now. Get creative with the presentation of this cheese board by adding fresh figs, crackers, and go-to charcuterie bites, such as olives, mixed nuts, or prosciutto. Add a small jar for honey to drizzle on blocks of cheese for an irresistible sweet and salty combo!

Berries and Watermelon

Simple and colorful poolside skewers are naturally sweet and easy to share, making them a great option for a pool party with friends. To make these delicious snacks, arrange sweet strawberries, blackberries, and cubes of watermelon on a skewer, drizzle with lime juice, then top with lime zest and enjoy! 

 berry and watermelon skewers

Pro Tip: For an extra layer of flavor, sprinkle with feta or goat cheese. Or, turn this into a quick berry and watermelon salad by skipping the skewers and serving in a cup!

Strawberries and Cocktails

Celebrate your closest friends by filling their glasses with a refreshing Strawberry Tequila Rose. With 5 simple ingredients: sliced strawberries, lemon juice, agave nectar, tequila, and rose wine, this sweet berry drink might just become a year-round staple.

Strawberry Tequila Rose Cocktail

Pro Tip: For a tasty mocktail, replace the rose and tequila with ginger ale or a flavored seltzer. 


Which pairing are you going to try this week? 


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