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Rainy Day Recipes That Are Anything But Dreary


While it has certainly not been a rainy fall season for us here in Watsonville, CA – I know other parts of the country are definitely experiencing cold, wet weather! Even though I love clear skies and sunshine, there’s something special (and extra cozy) about rainfall and cooler temperatures. I love cool, brisk mornings and the sound of rain at night, or even as it hits the windows by my office.

As I remain waiting on some storms, one of my favorite past-times when I’m [happily] ‘stuck’ inside during a rainy day is trying out new recipes! I love making a fire, playing some mellow-music on low, and getting creative in the kitchen.

blackberry chia jam-1

A quick and easy recipe that’s great for a rainy day is making homemade jam. I love waking up with a thick, warm piece of toast or a biscuit with homemade berry jam swept across it. I also find that it’s the perfect solution for berries that may be starting to get old in the fridge – rather that toss it, blend it until smooth and turn it into jam!

The best part is, you can make jam with any berry – I personally love Blackberry Vanilla Chia Jam because I’m a fan of crunchy seeds and texture on my toast. Just add chia seeds, maple syrup or honey and vanilla extract into a blender, add to a jar and refrigerate.

blueberry banana bread-10I like to keep things simple when I experiment, mainly because I actually want to enjoy my creations when it’s all said and done! Baking a warm, festive bread to add a cozy aroma to the house is one of my favorite ways to do that. I grew up on my mom’s banana bread and eventually decided to take a different approach, and add blueberries and chocolate. 

Hers is definitely simple and traditional, but oh so good and fluffy – I actually think this Blueberry Banana Bread recipe competes with it! It’s not a rainy day until you have this baking in the oven. Not to mention, it’s a great breakfast for the next morning, or when you need a nibble of sweetness before bed (without the guilt).



Another recipe sure to warm you up this fall-winter season is this Pumpkin-Spiced Strawberry Frappuccino. I’m not kidding when I say this is fall in a cup! Call me basic, but I love all things pumpkin-spice – now, mix that with strawberries and it’s game over. This is definitely an indulgent recipe but hey, sometimes we all deserve to wake up to this kind of sweetness. Grab your mug and head to the fireplace with your favorite Netflix series, and you are set for the season.

What are your favorite recipes to create the ultimate cozy atmosphere at home? Share with us in the comments below!

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