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Giant Berry Awards: Meet Blackberry


SEB Blackberry Cover

To us, our berries have always been ‘stars’ in our works of culinary art. That's why this year, we're doing something a little different. We are hosting our own awards show: The Giant Berry Awards!

The nomination categories include Best Lead Role, Best Dressed, and Best Duo Performance. You can vote to support your favorite berry in our “Giant Berry Award” sweepstakes for a chance to win a home theater speaker system or one of 5 Amazon gift cards for movie watching accessories!

We want to introduce you to our second nominee: legendary movie action-hero Blackberry.


Bringing a script to life is something that I take very seriously. I try to choose roles that challenge the audience and myself in terms of what a fruit like me is capable of doing. 

These are the roles that I think resonated with the audience the most:

Blackberry Pineapple Smoothie

Partnering with a similarly sweet fruit like pineapple in Blackberry Pineapple Smoothie was a perfect fit for my role. The finishing product was a blend of the director's vision and production's hard work!

Blackberry Mulled Wine

My character in Blackberry Mulled Wine was definitely one of my favorite icy adventures. The bubbly lived up to the producer's hype, and the lemonade wasn't nearly as sour as I thought it might be. My costume was expertly created by one of the best in the biz!

Apple Bourbon & Blackberry Sour

Apple Bourbon & Blackberry Sour-apple bourbon-10-996750-edited
My supporting role in Apple Bourbon & Blackberry Sour was definitely one of my favorite icy adventures! Working in a nontraditional role was a challenge, but the sweet and tart combination worked well together. Apple made an excellent scene partner to bring a little flavor to the sour character. 

Dark Chocolate and Blackberry Skillet Brownies 

l-r-blackberry brownie-1-670525-edited

Being a Hollywood bombshell has become one of the the most fun and challenging experiences. I can't always wear my nice suits in every scene; that's why it's such an honor to be nominated for the Best-Dressed category this year for my role in Dark Chocolate and Blackberry Skillet Brownies!

Who do you want to win? Click here to vote for your favorite recipes:

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