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The Spring Cleaning Guide - Easy Hacks for Your Clean Home


So long to cold days and early nights - spring is officially here and we could not be more excited! Spring cleaning is the first item on our “to-do” list and we’re sure it’s something you’ve been thinking about too. Maybe the kiddos are finally running around outside, giving you your first opportunity in months to clean out their favorite winter hangout spot.  Or perhaps your apartment lease is ending soon and you’re determined to get your damage deposit back. Either way, we have 3 easy tips that will have your home cleaned for spring in no time!

Tip 1 – The Two Year Rule

It’s out with the bulky sweaters and cozy scarfs, and in with comfy shorts and summer dresses. While it’s so tempting just to throw all of your winter clothing in a box, take the time to purge the clothes you’re not wearing. We have a two year rule in our house. If an item has not been worn in two years then it’s time to let it go. It’s so hard to donate items that hold a special memory, but you’re opening your closet to new clothing and allowing someone else to create their own special memories.

Tip 2 – It’s a Group Effort

The best part of spring cleaning is doing it with your friends or family! Before I married my husband, I always invited my girls over for a day of scrubbing, dusting, and vacuuming following by a delicious bottle of wine and a home-cooked meal. We jammed out to our favorite songs and they encouraged me to donate some items I needed to let go. We took turns helping each other clean and we were able to shop through items our friends were donating. It was an inexpensive way to add new items to our closets while helping each other do some much needed cleaning.

Spring cleaning with a young family can be challenging but I have this amazing tip that will help you clean your home while allowing your kids to get out some of their competitive energy. The night before our day of housework, we all sit down to determine what we want to clean and who’s going to clean it. We turn our cleaning goals it into a grid and everyone gets a gold star once they've finished a task. The person with the most stars at the end of the day gets to pick what we’re going to have for dinner. I’m hoping I win this year because I really want to have Blueberry Tikka Masala for dinner.

Tip 3 - What About Your Fridge?

We spend a lot of time cleaning our homes but we don’t always think about updating the items in our fridge. There are so many holidays to cook for during the winter and large casseroles and turkeys can easily shift around smaller foods like butter, fruits, and vegetables that go bad without you noticing. We all rush to remove old or moldy foods from our fridge, but we don’t always think about unhealthy items that we should also remove from our household.

This spring we’re working on our homes AND on our diets. Figuring out where to start can be challenging so we’ve included some delicious and healthy recipes below that won’t make you sacrifice flavor. Instead of letting berries go bad, use them in your daily salad or freeze them so you can use them when you're ready! Say goodbye to winter and hello to spring with a clean home and diet.

The Recipes:


Don't let your berries go bad! Preserve your favorite fruits by freezing them and creating flavorful ice cubes for all your Springtime spritzers.

Strawberry Lemonade Spritzer

  matcha smoothie-1.jpg

Prevent your fresh fruits from going bad and taking up fridge space by freezing them! Blending frozen berries and bananas makes the easiest (and creamiest) smoothies.

 Matcha & Berry Smoothie

apple blackberry jam-3.jpg

Make use of the mason jars you have hidden in your cabinets! This fresh berry jam is the perfect way to preserve berries, and it makes a great gift from the heart.

Apple & Blackberry Brown Sugar Jam with Grilled Sourdough

apple blackberry jam-5.jpg

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