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10 Easy & Elegant Holiday Appetizer Recipes


Entertaining and the holiday season go hand-in-hand—and what better way to get your holiday festivities started off right with our berry festive holiday appetizers! From small bites to show stopping hors d'oeuvres, entertaining with California Giant Berry Farms berries never fail to ring in the holiday right.  

Mozzarella Stuffed Strawberries with Honey & Candied Pistachios  

mozzarella stuffed strawberries with candied pistachios

Stuffed strawberries are the perfect way to elevate your appetizer offering. Our mozzarella, honey and candied pistachio stuffed strawberries offer delicious flavor, texture and color.  

Herb Rolled Goat Cheese & Blueberry Balls  

goat cheese rolled in herbs with blueberries

Our Herb Rolled Goat Cheese and Blueberry Balls make for an appetizer that works for any occasion. We recommend pairing it with warm bread, crostinis, crackers, meats and fruit—but the possibilities are limitless.  

Burrata with Jalapeno Honey, Blackberries & Raspberries  

burrata with berries on the side topped with honey

Looking for an easy appetizer? Our spicy and sweet burrata recipe with fresh berries and honey is straightforward, requires minimal prep work and comes together in minutes. Add this appetizer to your next cheese board or serve solo.  

Blackberry & Goat Cheese Crostini  

crostini with blackberries and goat cheese

This blackberry and goat cheese crostini is the perfect appetizer that’s full of show-stopping color. Fresh blackberries provide a vivid tin to the goat cheese, while also providing a flavorful zeal.  

Crispy Artichokes & Blackberry Pesto 

crispy artichokes topped with blackberry pesto

These Crispy Artichokes and Blackberry Pesto make the perfect holiday appetizer! 

Balsamic Blackberry & Brie Puff Pastry 

puff pastry with balsamic blackberry

Balsamic and blackberry bring a deep color and flavor to these Brie Puff Pastry Bites. These handheld bites are great for hosting an event or get together with family and friends. 

Berry Bruschetta with Honey Yogurt Spread  

bruschetta bites with honey yogurt spread and topped with berries

Make these berry and bruschetta bites for a delightful twist on the classic bruschetta. Flavors of yogurt, honey and berry unite as a sweet topping on a crostini. 

Blue Cheese & Walnut Stuffed Strawberries  

strawberries stuffed with blue cheese and walnuts

These Blue Cheese & Walnut Stuffed Strawberries will take your taste buds on an adventure of flavor, color, and texture! 

Baked Brie with Roasted Strawberries  

baked brie topped with roasted strawberries

It’s hard to resist creamy melty brie topped with syrupy, sweet and tart strawberries. This recipe is a showstopper addition to your spring appetizers repertoire, and great for a brunch buffet. 

Mini Polenta Cakes with Smoked Salmon & Raspberry-Tarragon Topping  

mini polenta cakes topped with salmon and raspberry sauce

Raspberries complement smoked salmon in this easy-to-make (and delicious!) Polenta Cake recipe. 

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