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Berry Recipes From Around The World


California Giant Berry Farms berries are versatile and make for a healthy addition to any kind of cuisine. Berries bring fresh flavors to a variety of classic international dishes, and now we’re taking you on a trip to explore the world of berry flavors!

Strawberry + Tuna Poke Bowl

The first stop on the journey is Hawaii! This cuisine is native to all of the Hawaiian islands and now can be made in your own kitchen. Strawberries add pops of bright color and sweet flavor while the vinaigrette brings flavors of soy, sesame, and ginger to complement the fresh cubes of tuna in this tasty Strawberry + Tuna Poke Bowl!

strawberry tuna poke bowlPro-Tip: Make this dish vegan & vegetarian friendly by swapping out the tuna for tofu.

Blueberry Tikka Masala

Tikka masala is a traditional dish typically enjoyed in the United Kingdom and South Asia. No need to book a flight though, try this Blueberry Tikka Masala recipe at home! Blueberries make this a unique variation by adding their natural sweetness to the flavors of coconut milk and curry powder in the masala sauce.

tikka masala on rice topped with blueberriesPro-Tip: Tikka masala is also commonly made with beef or lamb, so make this dish with your protein of choice.

Berry Avocado Horchata Popsicles

Although this beverage originated in West Africa, horchata is a traditional Mexican drink made with white rice, water, and cinnamon. Horchata is incorporated creatively in these Berry Horchata Popsicles as fresh blackberries and raspberries accent the creamy frozen treat with their tart, sweet flavors.

Berry horchata popsiclesPro-Tip: Make this dairy-free by using coconut yogurt instead of regular vanilla yogurt.


Which berry recipe are you going to explore first? Let us know down below.


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