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How To Keep Blackberries Fresh For Longer


Packed with vitamin C and fiber, California Giant Berry Farms blackberries are a versatile and healthy addition to any meal for an accent of flavor. Here’s how to get the most out of your blackberries! 

How to Select Blackberries

When picking out blackberries at your local grocery store, look for berries that are firm, dry, and even in that beautiful, deep purple color! 

Did you know?

Blackberries from California Giant are grown in Georgia, California, and Mexico, and can be found in a multitude of grocery stores across the country. Click here to find our berries in a store near you.

How to Store Blackberries

Once you get your fresh blackberries home, store them in the refrigerator in their original packaging to maximize freshness. Right before enjoying, rinse the berries in a colander (or even their original carton) before patting them dry. 

Did you know?

We strive to protect the land on which we grow our berries. We implement sustainable growing practices, which include building and maintaining healthy soil, water management, minimizing pollution, and promoting biodiversity.

What To Make With Blackberries

Zucchini and Blackberry Muffins

Zucchini and blackberry muffins in a basket

Chopped fresh blackberries and shredded zucchini make these muffins a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins. Enjoy these Zucchini and Blackberry Muffins as a nutrient-packed breakfast or as a convenient and portable snack!

Blackberry Marinated Wild Boar with Pickled Berry Salad

blackberry marinated wild boar with a pickled berry salad

Vibrant blackberry flavors combine with fragrant ginger to create this berry delicious wild boar marinade. Microgreens and basil add an earthy flavor to this unique savory and sweet pork dish.

Blackberry Avocado Chicken SaladChicken salad topped with blackberries inside of a sliced in half avocado

Prepare this Blackberry Avocado Chicken Salad for meals to last you the whole week! Blackberries bring pops of flavor and nutrients while avocado adds healthy fats to keep you satisfied for hours.


Which blackberry tip did you find the most helpful? Let us know below!


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