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Celebrate National Nutrition Month with Fruits and Vegetables


March is National Nutrition Month. And, what is one food group that health experts agree we should all eat more of every day for better health and a longer life – fruits and vegetables!

Despite decades of nutrition studies showing a produce-rich diet improves physical and mental health, prevents diseases and increases lifespan, only one in 10 of us eat enough each day.  The immense health benefits of fruits and vegetables are the reason so many in public health – both private and government – are involved with initiatives to promote increased consumption.

Some examples of nutritional studies proving the health benefits include:

It should be noted that most nutrition studies conducted throughout the years have used conventionally grown produce.

If you need reassurance about the safety of all produce, try using the Alliance for Food and Farming’s popular residue calculator.  This easy tool is based upon an analysis by toxicologists with the University of California who found a child could eat hundreds to thousands of servings of a fruit or vegetable in a day and still not have any effects from residues.  This clearly shows how low residues are, if present at all.

And remember to wash your produce to help remove dirt, bacteria and residues.  According to the federal Food and Drug Administration, you can often reduce or eliminate any residues that may be present simply by washing your produce under running tap water.

If there is one simple takeaway message from National Nutrition Month, it is to eat more fruits and vegetables every day – buy whatever produce you prefer and is affordable and accessible for you and your family.  And, don’t let anyone or any group discourage you from enjoying your favorite fruits and vegetables.

(Click here to learn some easy, quick and cost-effective tips for incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet from Registered Dietitians.)

Visit and @safeproduce for more information about produce safety.

*This is a guest blog from the Alliance for Food and Farming.DSC04226 (1)


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