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Chocoholic Recipes Guaranteed to Make Your Mouth Water


Love isn't the only thing that unites people... chocolate does too! Whenever I have a long, hard day at work, I always reach for a piece (or two) of chocolate. There's a reason why flowers and chocolates are a must for major holidays, because people love it. Not to mention that it goes on sale the day after the holiday, so it's really saving my budget if you think about it (at least that's what I tell myself after I grab a handful and walk away quickly before I can change my mind).

While we wait for the next big holiday splurge, here are a few of our favorite recipes to inspire the chocoholic within:

Dark Chocolate and Blackberry Skillet Brownies

dark-chocolate-blackberry-skillet-brownieThis is the mother of all chocolate recipes - it's not just any skillet brownie. Blackberries cooked in the middle break down to a glaze that makes these brownies super rich and moist (not to mention even sweeter). This is a recipe that's worth skipping dinner for! 

Chocolate Blueberry Smoothie

chocolate-blueberry-smoothie-featureMy mouth is salivating just looking at this glass... the one thing that everyone thinks of when envisioning chocolate is a chocolate drink. Treat yo'self to a delicious sip (or three!) of this sweet treat for a not-so-guilty pleasure!

Chocolate Dipped French Coconut Strawberry Macaroons

french berry macaroons-4-386211-editedFor those of us that don't always eat chocolate by the handful, this recipe is for you! With just a touch of chocolate at the bottom, these strawberry macaroons create the perfect balance of salty and sweet without overwhelming your tastebuds. 

What is your favorite ooey, gooey chocolately recipe?

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