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Fall Cocktail Round-Up


Pumpkin spice may reign supreme when it comes to fall drinks, but sometimes the mood strikes for something boozy and crisp. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing fall cocktail to complement a chilly fall night or want a cozy mulled wine to spend a night-in with, our favorite fall cocktails (and mocktails!) will provide you with all the autumn drink inspiration you need.  

Berry Aperol Spritz 
 aperol spritz with berries and garnished with mint leaves

Our Berry Aperol Spritz is a favorite drink this time of year! A mix of bubbly and crisp Champagne, Aperol and Club Soda fused with the bursting flavors of raspberry, blackberry and orange. The flavor is delicious and the color is the ideal autumn shade of orange. 

Apple Bourbon Blackberry Sour 

apple bourbon blackberry sour garnished with mint leaves

For the Bourbon fans, our Apple Bourbon Blackberry Sour is always a hit. It's a great drink to feature for Halloween because of the dark purple hue of the blackberries. For an extra zing and pop of color, mix-up your citrus selection! 

Spiced Berry Holiday Sangria 

spiced berry sangriaBerries deepen the colors and flavors from dark red wine, apple cider and spices in this Spiced Berry Holiday Sangria. Make this as an inviting cocktail for yourself or guests throughout the fall and winter season! 

Blackberry Bourbon Cider 

bourbon cider garnished with an orange peel and blackberriesOur Blackberry Bourbon Cider is a dynamic duo that gives you a nice rich cocktail with the brightness of blackberries.  In this autumn-inspired drink, fresh blackberries complement the deep, woodsy flavors of the bourbon. 

Blackberry Mulled Wine 

blackberry mulled wine with orange slices and cinnamon sticks
If you're a red wine fan, our Blackberry Mulled Wine is another crowd-pleaser that delivers taste and aroma. Like the Spiced Berry Sangria, this recipe involves boiling cloves, star anise pods, cinnamon sticks and juniper berries in red wine!  

Blackberry Salted Caramel White Russian 

blackberry white russian topped with blackberries and caramel drizzle
Blackberries add a pop of flavor and contrast the richness of caramel in this unique white Russian cocktail. 

Scary Berry Dark Fog Cocktail 

berry cocktail topped with blackberries

Our Scary Berry Dark Fog Cocktail features fresh muddled California Giant blackberries, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, Chambord, and vodka. Dry ice offers a fun, dramatic effect - for the spookiest of all fall cocktails. 

 Cheers to a festive fall! For more fall inspiration, visit The Buzz Blog. 

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