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Fourth of July Picnic Essentials


This summer, pack the gingham blanket and fresh California Giant berries for the ultimate summer picnic. Here are some essential tips and recipes for a memorable Fourth of July picnic celebration: 

1. Strategically Pack Your Cooler to Beat the Heat

When packing the essentials for a picnic, we recommend bringing one large ice-packed cooler for beverages and one for food items. Each time a cooler is opened cool air escapes, so pack the food items that you won’t need frequent access to in the second cooler. A full cooler stays cold longer than a partially empty one, so fill any empty space with additional ice if needed. The heavier and more perishable items should go on the bottom over a layer of ice while the lighter items can go on top.

2. Plan an Activity Before the Fireworks Show

Bring along a baseball mitt, a frisbee, a football, or even a board game to play before the fireworks show starts! These are all great ways to keep entertained while waiting for the show. Don’t forget to bring a speaker to blast your favorite patriotic tunes before the resounding booms of the fireworks take off!

3. Decorate the Table

For an Independence Day celebration, get festive and decorate the picnic table or blanket! Keep it simple with red table cloths, decorative napkins, and colorful dishware, or go all out with American flags, banners, flower arrangements, centerpieces, and themed desserts (made with California Giant strawberries and blueberries, of course).


Of course,  a picnic wouldn’t be complete without treats! Load up your basket or cooler with a few of our favorite picnic-perfect recipes:

Red, White, and Blue 4th of July Skewers

This sweet berry dessert is ideal for festive snacking. It also makes a beautiful centerpiece amongst picnic table décor. Layer fresh-baked or store-bought pound cake on a kabob stick with juicy strawberries and blueberries for a treat that’s both tasty and bursting with Vitamin-C.

fourth of july skewers with strawberries, blueberries, and pound cakeTip: Simplify the recipe with a store-bought Angelfood cake. Drizzle with chocolate syrup or bring a can of whipped cream for extra fun!

Summer BBQ Burger with Blueberry & Corn Salsa

Complete the all-American spread with a unique and delicious spin on grilled burgers. Impress hungry guests by bringing along a unique blueberry and corn salsa as the companion to your favorite grilled burgers!

BBQ Burger with Blueberry and Corn SalsaTip: Serve with a classic potato or macaroni salad, or keep it simple with chips and fruit.

Radical Raspberry Lemonade

Keep cool with delicious raspberry lemonade. Cold and refreshing, this spiked lemonade is both sweet and tangy and only requires 5 ingredients. If you’re expecting a big Fourth of July crowd, multiply the recipe accordingly and keep it in an air-tight container, so it stays fresh and bubbly until time to serve.

raspberry lemonade mocktailTip: Turn this tasty raspberry lemonade into a mocktail and kid-friendly refreshment by omitting the vodka.


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