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3 Healthy Breakfast Recipes That Don't Sacrifice Flavor


One of the most promising aspects to a new year is the notion of a fresh start, albeit emotionally or physically. I can think of at least a dozen friends that are committed to a healthier diet or lifestyle (just look at your Instagram or Facebook feed). I can speak from experience that one of the hardest parts of sticking to a new lifestyle is deciding what to eat in the morning.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all, so whatever you decide to start your day with matters! Don't think your options are terrible and full of green stuff. I'm here to show you just how tasty breakfast can be in the morning.

Here are 3 breakfast recipes that may skimp on the calories, but don't skimp on the flavor:

Blueberry & Cashew Granola

yogurt topped with granola and blueberries

Before you mindlessly scroll past this one, hang on a second. This isn't just crunchy nuts and dried up fruit you can buy in a bag at the grocery store. This is homemade granola - one with your own touch and is way more cost-effective. Trust me, this isn't a basic breakfast at all! Adding a handful of blueberries adds a literal burst of flavor and antioxidants that your body needs for healthy cells. How sweet is that?  

Matcha & Berry Smoothie Bowls

smoothie in a glass with kiwi, berries, and sliced almonds

Green smoothies are so 2010's - add a little color to your blending routine for 2020! This recipe calls for bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and your matcha of preference for a little pep in your step; but you can add any kind of fruit you like! The best part about this recipe is that you're adding nutrients and flavors without the extra sugar and calories you'd get at a smoothie shop. Whether bowl or glass, this hodgepodge of fruits and colors brightens up any day. 

Avocado Toast with Strawberries

avocado toast topped with strawberries and bacon

Ah, yes, the breakfast that almost every dietitian and Instagram fitness blogger swears by. They may be right about the good fats avocado bring and crunchy toast, but we're kicking it up a notch for even more flavor! Add any bacon of choice (even tofu or turkey bacon) and a few strawberry slices for a sweet and savory combo that is still Instagram worthy!

How are you getting your day started the healthy, tasty way? Comment below and tell us!

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