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10 Berry Indulgent Desserts


Homemade desserts make any occasion feel extra special. From birthdays to anniversaries to potlucks and everyday dinners — a sweet tooth satisfying dessert made with fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries is the perfect indulgence.  

Celebrate the sweet with 10 of our berry best dessert recipes!  

Blueberry Lemon Olive Oil Cake  
Olive Oil Cakes are deliciously moist, fragrant, and the perfect canvas for fresh berries. Bursts of fresh blueberries accompanied by aromatic lemon zest create a delicious flavor combination that turns the typical olive oil cake into a bright, exciting and unforgettable dessert. 

blueberry lemon olive oil cake topped with lavender frosting, blueberries, and flowers

Mixed Berry Galette 

All the elements of pie, with a rustic flare! This Mixed Berry Galette incorporates fresh strawberries, blackberries and blueberries, which provide an abundance of berry flavors and a beautiful mix of colors. 

berry galette on a cutting board


Blackberry Crepe with Whipped Cream & Candied Pecans

Blackberries bring texture to this fluffy and delicious dessert that uses crepes in a unique way! Layers of flavor are packed into this easy-to-make recipe featuring homemade whipped cream, juicy blackberries and candied pecans. 

blackberry crepes with whipped cream and candied pecans

Strawberry Caramel Pecan Coffee Cake

Fresh strawberries brighten up this Strawberry Caramel Pecan Coffee Cake by contrasting the delectable and rich ingredients of butter, heavy cream, pecans and brown sugar.


caramel coffee cake with a spoon drizzling caramel

Blackberry Chocolate Cake with Buttercream Frosting & Salted Caramel 
A cake that’s as delicious as it is gorgeous! Sweet blackberries and buttercream come together to create this rich and delectable dessert. The salted caramel atop pops when decorated with fresh blueberries and blackberries. 


blackberry chocolate cake with topped with frosting, caramel, and berries

Mini Pavlovas with Whipped Cream & Macerated Strawberries 

Show off your culinary skills with these Mini Pavlovas! These beautiful, light and airy desserts will pop with the fresh, natural sweetness of strawberries. 

mini pavlovas with whipped cream and strawberries


Raspberry Tiramisu 

Raspberries lighten up the deep flavors of cocoa, coffee and mascarpone in this beautiful tiramisu recipe. Make this for any occasion or use it as an excuse to put your baking skills to the test.  

tiramisu topped with rapberries

Blackberry & Blueberry Mascarpone Pie 

Crafted with generous amounts of mascarpone, fresh blueberries and blackberries, this Blackberry and Blueberry Mascarpone pie is the ultimate decadent dessert. Mascarpone makes the pie ultra-rich and fresh berries with citrus zest provide a tart and bright balance.  

blackberry and blueberry mascarpone pie

Blackberry Goat Cheese Brownies 

What would a dessert blog be without the mention of brownies? These Blackberry Goat Cheese brownies are an elevated take on the go-to dessert! The mild and creamy flavor of goat cheese melds beautifully with the intense chocolate brownie and sweet blackberry reduction.  

blackberry goat cheese brownies

Blood Orange & Blueberry Glazed Pound Cake  

Fresh blueberries and blood orange add brightness to every bite of this beautiful pound cake. Both fruits are incorporated into the glaze and the cake itself, making for an inviting dessert sure to impress.  

slice of blood orange and blueberry glazed pound cake

Which berry indulgent dessert recipe will you make first? Let us know below!

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