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Julia Child's Impact on American Cooking


This week, Julia Child would have been 107 years old. It's hard to believe that it's been 30 years since she published her famous book "The Way to Cook" that had over 800 recipes in it. (Can you imagine how time-consuming that must have been?)

I am thankful every day for this amazing woman that might just be the first person to ever invite America into her kitchen and watch her cook. Julia Child was one of those people that had a knack for making cooking look fun, and more importantly, let us all know it’s ok to screw up a recipe every now and then! 

Thanks to Julia Child, many of us have a favorite cooking show we are hooked on. (My Netflix queue is overflowing with them!) In the modern era, we can find almost any recipe online and watch it on video instead of just reading the words on a page. This has opened up a whole new world for my husband who is trying (in his retirement) to learn how to cook. 

When I get home in the evening, he has watched a video, shopped for ingredients and prepared something new for us to enjoy for dinner. He has had his share of screw ups, as have I, but in the end when you combine great ingredients the result is going to taste good even if it ends up being something a little different than what was planned…

What a great way to get into the world of creating new recipes in our own kitchen and build confidence as we learn. I have been cooking since I was a kid so don’t remember that learning curve, but I think we draw from Julia here at California Giant to help young or new chefs finding their way around the kitchen.


I think one of the easiest starts are recipes that don’t require cooking at all, just assembling items with chopping, measuring and combining ingredients like this delicious strawberry pepper salsa that we show served in an avocado – looks complicated, but it's an easy to prepare and an impressive dish to serve. This brussels and berries salad is another good one to try because of the different flavors, colors and crunch. It only requires a bunch of chopping, measuring and mixing, then tossing in a bowl.

brussel sprout600

My favorite time in the kitchen is cooking for a group and trying something I have never tried before but saw online or on a cooking show, thanks to Julia.  One of my new favorites is our very own creations courtesy of Morgan and Kristin on our own blog called cocktails and cakes.

cg gluten free lemon cupcakes-19

What an awesome combination!  Like many of you, I follow my fair share of food influencers through Instagram but love the fact that we are also serving as a resource capturing the latest trends and creating fun recipe combinations to share with you. This latest collaboration between Morgan and our favorite photographer Kristin, has resulted in some delicious combinations starting with Radical Raspberry Lemonade and this decadent cupcake that is actually gluten-free (but you'd never know it because it's so tasty!). Subscribe to our Buzz blog if you want to follow this series and see what this creative duo comes up with next.

If you're eager to channel your inner Julia Child this weekend with something a little more classic, how about giving this simple and delicious berry galette a try? With this recipe, you will master the art of French cooking in no time! 

berry galette 600x400

Clearly, Julia was on to something when she started sharing her creations in the kitchen, and she would be so proud today so see us all sharing our favorite recipes. Thanks to her, our kitchens today have become the heart of the home as we gather around a table for food, fun and inspiration.   


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