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Ripe for the Taking: 3 Recipes to Celebrate National Strawberry Day


It’s one of our favorite days of the year because we get to celebrate one of nature’s sweetest treats - California Giant strawberries! Fill your National Strawberry Day with a berry blast of classic strawberry recipes that are ripe for the picking.

dutch baby-3-902854-edited-1

A Berry Special Breakfast

Delicious for breakfast or dessert, a Dutch Baby is the perfect vessel for enjoying maple-soaked berries. When preparing the Dutch Baby, mix in a quarter cup of mashed sweet potato and pumpkin pie spice for an additional boost of flavor and nutrition. 

Berry Breakfast Tip: Add fiber and quality protein to your Dutch Baby with Blackberry Vanilla Chia Jam.

strawberry + snow pea spring rolls-1-1

Wrapped Up In The Celebrations

Simple but oh-so flavorful, these Strawberry + Snow Pea Spring Rolls with Strawberry Sweet and Sour Sauce are sure to satisfy your strawberry cravings. For an added flavor and aromatic smell, pop in some California Giant blueberries.

Berry Tip: Every entree could use a little starter Strawberry Vinaigrette Salad.


As Easy As Strawberry Pie

On this berry sweet holiday, a classic slice of strawberry pie is enough to brighten any smile. Keep it simple with a store-bought crust and add the fresh strawberry filling - easy as pie!

Berry Sweet Tip: If you want to make your pie a la mode, add a scoop of Blackberry Ice Cream.

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