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Spooky Bites to Snack on this Halloween without the Added Sugar


Create spell-binding berry snacks for the whole family to enjoy this Halloween! We know there are a lot of sweet treats hanging around the house this time of year. When looking for healthful snacks that won’t make you crash, we have you covered on some of our berry favorites!

blackberries with bat wings and cat tails

Scary Berry Cats and Bats

Jump into the Halloween spirit by transforming your juicy blackberries into a fun, spooky delight. With the help of marzipan and black food coloring, you can add playful bat wings and cattails to your favorite fruit. These blackberry creatures can be tucked into playful school lunches or utilized to impress your coworkers at your next Halloween virtual party!

a lemon jack-o-lantern filled with berries

Scary Berry Stuffed Jack O' Lantern

Get creative with your leftover fruit! These festive oranges turned Jack O’ Lanterns are stuffed with a homemade whipped cream and layered beautifully with blueberries and blackberries. This simple dessert is light and refreshing. It’s sure to be a tasty addition to your holiday entertaining. 

strawberry gummy bars

Homemade, All Natural, Berry Gummies

These delicious berry gummies are a refreshing sweet treat that require just six simple ingredients. Bursting with delightful berry flavor, these gummies are the perfect grab-and-go snack or late night dessert that the whole family will love! 

What spooky bites will you try? Let us know by commenting below!

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