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Tackle the Season with These Tailgating Treats!


Huddle up, team! It's time for one of my favorite times of year: football season. Not only is it the signal that tree leaves will be falling soon, it's also the time for communities to gather around a TV screen or a stadium to cheer on their favorite school.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to tailgate the sweet way:

Strawberry Jello Shots

jello shots-8

Save yourself the time and energy of hauling a big cooler full of cold libations around campus and make these Strawberry Jello Shots! Not only do they require a quarter of the space, they're also twice the fun. (Not to mention easier to handle than worrying about someone knocking over your cup.) Trust me, these bite-sized treats will put the "kick" in kickoff! 

Radical Raspberry Lemonade

cg boozy lemonade-30

Now that's a thirst down! If you must showcase your school pride with a full cup in hand, then this Radical Raspberry Lemonade is for you. With five ingredients and less than five minutes to make, it's a quick and tasty drink to make in between time-outs and commercial breaks. For a mocktail alternative, just skip adding vodka! 

 Blueberry Energy Bites


Sometimes you have to be the cheerleader of your own game. No matter if your team is winning or losing, keep up the team spirit with these Blueberry Energy Bites! Not only can these fit into any sized bag or cooler, they also make for the perfect post-game snack while stuck in traffic. No more hungry tummies on the way home...

How are you tailgating this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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