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The Ultimate Cinco de Mayo Feast


Cinco de Mayo is one of the most festive and tasty gatherings of the year! Don't get bogged down by long restaurant lines or freezer burned margaritas - try one of these three tasty recipes instead. Trust us, every plate and cup will be full!

Here are three of our best recipes for a nacho average celebration:

Blackberry Agave Margarita

Blackberry Agave Margarita (4)

Trade the salted glass rim for shredded coconut! This fresh take on a margarita is full of blackberries, coconut water, and agave syrup. No extra sugar or lime needed - the blackberries add all the sweetness you need! We won't tell if you have more than one...

Berry Bomb Fish Tacos

fish tacos-19

Add a sweet twist to your favorite fish tacos with strawberries and blueberries! There's a reason that this recipe was a top contender at last year's Chef Invitational... not only does this recipe show you how to make homemade tortillas, but it also tells you how to make your own beer battered fish! #winwin

Strawberry & Jalapeno Salsa


Ah, the classic fiesta ingredient - salsa! While you might not think of berries as the typical salsa ingredient, we promise it's worth a try. Spicy jalapenos and onions combined with fresh berries and a blend of herbs and juices to create the ultimate chip scoop!

How are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo? Comment below and tell us!

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