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Three Healthy Breakfasts to Keep You Energized


Some say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so start yours off right with some fuel that will keep you going! In honor of National Nutrition Month, try these quick to prepare, berry nutritious breakfasts that the whole family will enjoy.

Creamy Overnight Oats: Easy to Make, Even Easier to Devour

If you haven’t jumped on the overnight oats train, now is the time. Overnight oats make a delicious breakfast and are great for maximizing your daily nutrients from naturally sweet berries, rolled oats, and chia seeds.blackberries in a jar

Our Basic Overnight Oats Recipe is loaded with protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs to fuel your day, increase your energy and keep you satiated. The best part is that this recipe goes perfect with all of your favorite California Giant berries!

Pro Tip: If you’re making Overnight Oats for the week, switching up which berry you use can help add variety to your breakfast! Make a few servings using California Giant blackberries, and a few using California Giant raspberries!



Smoothies: A Berry Good Way to Start the Day

smoothie garnished with a strawberry

This smoothie recipe is loaded with Vitamin C from the fresh California Giant strawberries and good fats from the avocado. It is so easy to make, and we bet it will become your go-to breakfast recipe!

Pro Tip: If you’re preparing your meals ahead of time for the week, measure out all the ingredients and store in the freezer in a freezer-safe plastic zipper lock bag. Then, when you’re ready to enjoy your smoothie, toss all the ingredients in the blender and your good to go!



Skip the Drive-Through with On-The-Go Burritos

breakfast wrap with veggies and berries

Meet the healthy cousin of your favorite breakfast burrito: our Grab-N-Go Breakfast Wrap. Loaded with clean ingredients and tons of flavor, this breakfast wrap will have you happily skipping the drive-through. With fresh California Giant Blueberries, cheesy eggs and sausage, this sweet and savory breakfast wrap will quickly satisfy those morning cravings.

Pro tip: We recommend doubling the recipe and making extra burritos to keep in the freezer, so you always have a delicious, healthy breakfast on hand.


What’s your go-to healthy breakfast? Tell us below!

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