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Berry Boost: The Benefits of Eating Berries So Often


I have always been a berry-lover – seriously, ever since I can remember berries have been my go-to snack or sweet treat so it’s no wonder I found myself working for a berry company! As I have recently started to focus more on my health and well-being, berries have become an even bigger part of my daily life – and beauty routine.

You’re probably wondering – beauty routine? For my ladies with in-depth skincare routines or those that are dealing with any internal or external inflammation, wrinkles, etc. – berries have been my miracle worker in my personal routine. They say, ‘you are what you eat’, and I can always notice a difference in my complexion when I eat a gut-friendly diet and incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables into my day.

Berries specifically, are mighty little dynamos packed with so many valuable nutrients for the body. They’re loaded with antioxidants that help fight free radicals and protect your cells, and help reduce oxidative stress – and everyone knows stress is never good for your body, or skin!

Not only that, berries are known to improve blood sugar and insulin levels. After dinner when I need to satisfy my sweet tooth, I always go for chopped strawberries or a cup of raspberries rather than insulin-spiking ice cream or that big bowl of cereal I admittedly used to go for time to time. Not only do I sleep better at night without the sugar-rush, but my skin seriously thanks me for the nutrients and a low-sugar treat.

As I’m beginning to get back on track with a weekly workout routine – primarily to focus on my mental health and general well-being (rather than just fitting into a bikini this summer!) – I really try to focus on my pre and post workout meals to ensure I am getting all the necessary nutrients after a tough sweat. One of my favorites snacks is the Berry Detox Smoothie – this is such an easy, refreshing smoothie that takes 5-minutes to make. I will typically add dairy free yogurt as a substitute, and like to add flaxseed and chia seeds if I have them handy.

detox smoothie-21-098775-edited

I always load this smoothie up with mixed California Giant berries, and all the fiber from the berries keeps me full long after I work out so I am not tempted to raid the pantry later. This is also a great smoothie to kick start the day. Adding berries into any breakfast meal -  oatmeal, smoothies, protein pancakes and more, can keep you full all morning and into the afternoon with jam-packed fiber and variety of vitamins and minerals to curve the appetite.


With the plethora of alternative, trending diets out there these days – low-carb, ketogenic, paleo, vegan – you name it, berries remain a staple that can be consumed no matter what your dietary preference is due to their many health benefits, and may even add a natural ‘glow’ to your complexion as well!

How do you incorporate berries into your daily diet? I’d love to hear your favorite ways to consume berries in the comments section below!

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