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Berry Simple Ways to Support Your New Year's Resolutions


After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the start of the new year provides time to reflect, recharge and recommit to our wellbeing. Coming up with a New Year’s Resolution or wellness plan for the start of the new year is simple — but following through is challenging.  

This year let’s take it back-to-basics. Practices like incorporating simple, fresh and nutritious foods, like berries, into your wellness plan is a straightforward way to nourish your body and enjoy the foods you love.  

If you’re feeling stuck with your New Year’s Resolution for 2022, try these simple, fresh recipes that take the guesswork out of healthy eating! 

A Berry Simple Smoothie

Creamy and delicious, this Berry Smoothie Bowl is easy to make and full of good-for-you nutrition. Vitamin-C rich strawberries meld well with antioxidant-filled blackberries while coconut milk provides a decadent, dairy-free base full of healthy fats to keep you feeling full longer. 

      Smoothie Bowl with Berries

TIP: Customize your smoothie bowl by experimenting with toppings, such as chia seeds for added protein or flax seeds for a boost of omega-3s.  


Simply Flavorful - Blackberry Citrus Salad

Salads. A staple of healthy eating - that often gets a boring rap. But salads don’t have to be dull and are only limited to your creativity and personal preferences. Think of a salad as a blank canvas, on which you create your culinary masterpiece. Our Blackberry Citrus salad is an elevated take on a simple salad, in which berries and Cara Cara oranges bring a pop of color and avocado adds healthy, filling fats.   


TIP: A well-balanced salad keeps four things in mind: texture, protein, fats, and flavor. Whether meat or plant-based, healthy fats and proteins give your body energy, keeping you full longer. 


The Simplest Snack of All — Berries 

We’re often asked what to do with berries   and to us, the options are endless! But many are surprised to learn that our favorite way to eat berries is the simplest - plain. Nature has crafted strawberriesblueberriesraspberries and blackberries as the perfect, poppable, grab-and-go snack. A single serving of blueberries (1 cup) is loaded with fiber, antioxidants and Vitamins C & K.  


TIP: Keep berries fresh longer by waiting to wash them until right before you are ready to eat them. 


Discover more healthy recipes on our website! You can filter by meal type and diet preference to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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Which meals are you going to implement into your menu this 2022?

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