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Copycat Recipes That are Better Than the Real Thing


Dupe’s – or copycat recipes or recreations – are favored by many and for good reason. Dupe recipes provide an option to recreate your restaurant favorites or snack go-to from the comfort of your own kitchen. They also provide the opportunity to customize and experiment with recipes in a way you might not be able to do otherwise.  

Our most-loved dupe recipes feature – you guessed it – our favorite fresh fruits like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries! Recreate your favorites with our dupe recipes below:  

DIY Berry Refresher 

Inspired by Starbucks, our DIY Berry Refresher recipes features fresh sliced strawberries, blueberries and blackberries steeped in flavorful hibiscus green tea. Fresh ginger, club soda and mint add zing to the drink’s flavor, while bright fresh berries and hibiscus tea provide a pop of color. 

TIP: Want even more color in your drink? Lightly muddle the berries for a deeper, richer color and berry flavor throughout the drink. 

DIY starbucks refresher drink with fresh berries

Chick-Fil-A Market Berry Salad Dupe 

Skip the drive-thru and create your favorite Chick-Fil-A salad at home with this market berry salad dupe! The homemade vinaigrette and fresh berries help to create an even better version of the beloved fast-food salad.  

TIP: While this recipe calls for 30 minutes of marinating the chicken, you can get even more flavor by marinating it overnight! 

chick-fil-a market salad with fresh berries reacreated recipe


Starbucks Inspired Strawberry Frappuccino  

Make one of your coffee shop favorites at home with this Starbucks Inspired Strawberry Frappuccino. Fresh strawberries add natural sweetness to this DIY drink and replace the sugary simple syrups.

TIP: Want an energizing boost? Add a shot of your favorite espresso.  

Strawberry Frappucino

Soft Serve Berry Ice Cream

Strawberries are the star of this homemade Soft Serve Berry Ice Cream in Waffle Cone recipe. Their bright red color pops against the simple off-white color of vanilla ice cream. The best part about this soft serve? It's easily made at home!

Soft-Serve-Berry-Ice-Cream-in-Waffle-Cone_featured-768x768 (2)

Which dupe recipe will you try first? 

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