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Fun-Size February: Celebrating the Shortest Month of the Year with our Quickest Recipes!


The saying, "I'm not short, I'm fun-size!" is essentially how the month of February feels to me - full of Valentine's Day fun and love while also getting us to our favorite Irish holiday in March. But before breaking out the green sweaters, we're helping you push through the last few days of February with our quickest recipes yet!

Here are four of our fastest, simplest and tastiest recipes:

Goodnight Berry Smoothie

Goodnight Berry Smoothie 1100x600Cubed smoothie - what a unique concept! This recipe was made for those of us that are on-the-go or running late for work. Pop the ingredients in a blender the night before, put in an ice tray overnight, and pop in the thermos on your way out the door. Breakfast is served!

Granola + Greek Yogurt Stuffed Strawberries

granola stuffed strawsThe best afternoon snack is the one that you can pop in your mouth! These are so much more satisfying than a bag of chips, not to mention nutritious. Granola and nuts add the perfect protein and savory note to the strawberry sweetness.


Strawberry and Cucumber Salad

strawberry_cucumber_salad_edited-6_2Not only is this salad the perfect color for February and transition to March, it's also super easy to make. Just toss the ingredients with poppy-seed salad dressing, and voila! A perfectly light and nutritious lunch.

Peanut Butter Berry Parfait

l-r-peanut-butter-berry-parfaitWith creamy peanut butter, sweet dates, oats, strawberries and cinnamon, this isn't your typical yogurt parfait! Put it in a mason jar or tupperware for an on-the-go breakfast energy boost or afternoon treat that's sure to keep your tastebuds and tummy satisfied.

Finish February strong!

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