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How to Make Mom Feel Loved


As a mom and a daughter, I have the pleasure of giving and hopefully receiving some affection on Mother’s Day. For the giving part, I love to send my mom beautiful fresh spring flowers who lives too far away to see on Mother’s Day. I also love to send a card with photos of the grandkids inside, so she has the latest fun piece of their life in print to carry in her purse.

She loves the smell the fresh flowers bring to her dining room table, and the photos help provide conversation and bragging rights to her friends that stop by. When Mom lived nearby, I always delivered fresh stem strawberries dipped in chocolate for a Mother’s Day dessert. Now, the flowers and photos still show the love and the appreciation I have for her even though we are miles apart.


For the Mom in me, I love doing absolutely nothing on Mother’s Day. I don’t really need breakfast in bed or a nice dinner, it is just about being remembered and not having to make any decisions for one whole day. You mom’s know what I am talking about, right!? As moms we are constantly thinking on our feet and making decisions for the family every day, all day. So, Mother’s Day to me means I don’t do any of that. 

One year when my kids were little on Mother’s Day we spent a spontaneous day at the beach and didn’t make any plans at all for dinner, so we went to Marie Callendar's restaurant at the end of the afternoon and ordered a whole fresh strawberry pie and put it in the middle of the table. We each took a fork and dove in – that was dinner. That was about 20 years ago, and I still remember it today as being one of the most fun and loving Mother’s Days I have ever had.  


A phone call, a hug and spending time together is all most moms need. My best Mother’s Day is at the beach with family sharing snacks and drinks (made by someone else) that include our California Giant berries in my Mimosa, on a fruit platter and ultimately smooshed into the middle of a s’more at the end of the day on the campfire.


Whether you are a mom, have a mom, or have someone in your life you love as a mom, my advice is to take a moment and share some kind words with each other. For me the day is not about getting gifts, it’s about sharing some time or words making memories that will last.

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