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National Online Learning Day


Celebrate National Online Learning Day with these grab-and-go berry favorites that will keep you fueled to tackle the day. Whether you’re behind the screen or assisting your child with online learning, make mornings and afternoons a little less stressful with these delicious, easy to prep recipes! 


Strawberry + Cucumber Peanut Butter Roll

Roll right into lunch with sweet and savory Strawberry and Cucumber Peanut Butter Rolls. This unique combination of nutritious ingredients packs a protein punch as well as leaves you feeling light and refreshed. Add this delicious combo to your weekly meal prep for an easy snack or quick breakfast during those busy online learning days!



Blueberry Crumble Breakfast Bars

Kick start your day with these delicious blueberry delights! Your tastebuds will sing, as you bite into chewy baked oats topped with a gooey layer of blueberry filling and crunchy granola. Talk about a match made in heaven! 


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PB&J Energy Bites

Look no further than this healthy recipe to push you through a full day of successful learning! Switch up your usual PB&J with these loaded energy bites. Filled with strawberries, peanut butter, rolled oats, and chia seeds, these little guys combine all of the best energy-inducing ingredients. Made sweet with coconut and chocolate chips, this is a recipe the whole family will love! 

How will you be fueling yourself for National Online Learning Day? Comment below to let us know!

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