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Organizational Tips for Starting the Semester


For many, back to school season is in full-swing. Our local office supply stores and Targets are flooded with students of all ages searching for those fresh notebooks, pens, highlighters, and folders to keep organized this school year! There is something so refreshing about the new school year – from finding out your classmates, discovering new friendships, exploring new clubs – it’s a Fresh Start, and the perfect opportunity to get back on track academically AND nutritionally. I’m no longer in school, but my school days aren’t too far behind me, and I have a few how-to’s that always helped me stay organized, on-track, and fit during the school year – because let’s face it, the dining hall choices can be quite tempting at times!

Morgan’s Back-to-School Guide:

Prep the night before – homework, folders, textbooks – make sure they are ALL packed and ready to go in your backpack (or tote, ladies!) the night before so you don’t get to class and realize you’re missing something. Meal prepping was also huge for me, and kept me from spending on-the-go and choosing those not-so-healthy options out of pure desperation. One of my favorite go-to breakfasts to whip up the night before an early 8AM class are overnight oats. You can eat them cold straight from the mason jar, or heat them up in the microwave so all the flavors blend together. They are nutrient-rich and kept me full all the way through to my afternoon classes.


Grab a calendar, and ACTUALLY use it! I’m a little over the top when it comes to organizing my week (my friends thought I was slightly crazy) but I enjoyed mapping out my meals for the week on my calendar so I knew exactly what I needed to grab from the local market in advance. Doing this made it easy to prep during the week, and I was essentially able to plan what I was going to spend once I planned my meals, which kept me on a consistent budget that wasn’t burning a hole in my wallet! Not only does it help to map out your meals on a calendar, but it helps to organize other areas of the week – whether it’s study sessions, reminders for homework assignments that are due, lunch-dates – it’s always helpful having a plan! If you’re following your calendar and hitting the gym after class, try whipping up this refreshing blueberry smoothie. Add your favorite whey protein powder to the mix for added recovery benefits. 

lorin's smoothies-11 (2)

Find your friend. By friend, I mean that go-to buddy that you can sit down and study with, and motivate one another to stay focused on the project or task at hand – no distractions or goofing off, this friend is there to encourage, motivate, and help get work done –and the same goes for you! Just as important as it is to find that grounded, focused friend to study and work on projects with, it’s also important to find a gym-buddy, and hey, maybe that’s a totally different person! Having a variety of friends that help ground you in various areas is so important, and it also broadens your circle. Staying organized is always easier when you have a sounding board, or someone you can bounce ideas off or plan the week with. So, grab your buddy and start setting up meal-prepping dates, study sessions and afternoon workouts! Give these homemade berry LARABARs a whirl and have snacks ready for the whole week for any occasion.


Now that you have heard a few of my personal tips and tricks for staying organized during the busy school year, I want to hear yours! How do you stay on top of juggling homework, after school activities, meal-prepping, and working out? It can be a lot to manage, so it’s always easier to have a plan. Moms – how do you encourage your kiddos to get focused and encouraged for the new year? Let me know in the comments below, and check out our Fresh Start: Back to School promotion for more energizing snacks, lunchbox combos, and parent survival hacks! By entering the sweepstakes you have a chance to win one of four $250 Visa gift cards to help you on your Fresh Start journey!

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