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Simplifying Spring - 10 or Less Ingredients!


Making the most out of a few ingredients can be tricky, but we're here to help! No more stressing over limited access to ingredients or being unsure of what you can do with the ingredients you do have.

We're sharing recipes that can be made with a few things from the store or pantry and even less time at home:

Strawberry + Raspberry Peach Green Smoothie

pancake & smoothie-20

Take a sip of spring! With strawberries, peaches, spinach, and raspberries, this tasty smoothie is perfect for picky eaters or to enjoy as a sweet treat. For fun layering option: blend spinach and yogurt separately, then layer berry smoothie on top!

Raspberry Poppyseed Banana Bread Muffins


Getting tired of making banana bread at home? Switch it up with a raspberry poppyseed twist! Not only are they super Instagram worthy, they're also sure to please any palette. We won't tell if you eat more than a few...

Roasted Turkey & Apple Sandwich Bites

with Blackberry Mustard

envy turkey sandwich-20-617262-edited-1

The same old turkey sandwiches can only go so far after a while... so try adding apples and blackberry for a different flavor profile! For an extra twist, cut the sandwiches into smaller bites and place on the grill to create a panini.  

How are berries brightening up your pantry? Comment below and let's swap stories!

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